Philadelphia, PA – Beat the Streets National, an alliance of youth-development nonprofits with the mission of empowering and transforming the lives of under-resourced youth through the sport of wrestling, mentorship, and community is proud to announce a partnership with Alston Construction. As part of this partnership, Alston Construction has made a commitment to assist Beat the Streets National in their mission by offering internship and work opportunities to interested Beat the Streets Alumni.

“At Alston Construction, we understand that our youth are our future,” said Bob Murray, Senior Vice President of Alston Construction and Beat the Streets Visionary. “We are committed to not only investing in Beat the Streets National financially but also creating opportunities for growth and development for the youth of Beat the Streets. By bringing the young talent and work ethic of Beat the Streets Alumni and connecting them with the construction industry, it can provide meaningful jobs to an industry that suffers from a workforce shortage.”

With more than 23 offices nationwide, Alston Construction’s partnership with Beat the Streets has the ability to create a meaningful impact for the youth of Beat the Streets across the entire country. The efforts to bring success to Beat the Streets Alumni have transcended from one company taking an interest in the future of these young overcomers, to multiple companies in the construction industry joining the movement. Concrete Strategies, 3LLC, Al Dock Doors, GEMCO, Leviat, and Tilt Up Concrete Association have all made commitments to help advance the Beat the Streets mission in the past few months.

“Beat the Streets currently serves 10,000 youth from underserved communities, but with strong sustainable partnerships, like the one with Alston Construction, Beat the Streets will be able to take our mission of positively altering the lives of the youth we serve, to thousands of more youth across the country!” said Ben Reiter, Executive Director of Beat the Streets National. “We are proud to partner with Alston Construction and bring our youth full circle!”

Beat the Streets is unique in its approach to youth development as it delivers a research-based curriculum with trained coaches in a safe and inclusive environment. Through the sport of wrestling, mentorship, and community, Beat the Streets provides life skills to under-resourced youth to transform their lives and empower them to build a brighter future.

To learn more about Beat the Streets and how you can support their mission, visit their website at Beat the Streets National.

To learn more about Alston Construction and their commitment to creating opportunities for growth and development for the youth of Beat the Streets, visit their website at Alston Construction. 

To join Alston Construction in supporting Beat the Streets National, email Executive Director Ben Reiter.