Our Mission

Beat the Streets National (BTSN) focuses on empowering local leaders to deliver sustainable and high-quality youth development programming that transforms the lives of boys and girls through the sport of wrestling. BTSN is responsible for the accreditation of new BTS chapters, driving cross-chapter collaboration to form a supportive community for both leadership and the youth we serve, and the leveraging of the unified BTS networks’ collaborative advantage to strengthen local chapters’ impact through National partnerships and funding to create more impactful programming.

Success Story: Miya

Wrestling has created some of the most memorable and fun memories in my high-school experience and helped me through a lot. I live in a single-mother household with 8 sisters and 1 brother. I always stood out by being athletic and wrestling eventually became a part of my identity. Beat the Streets provided a healthy outlet to utilize my abilities. It is hard to find good leaders in the area I live in. Beat the Streets surrounded me by people who are as dedicated to my future as I am, it is truly nothing but a blessing.

What We Do at Beat the Streets

Positively Altering Life’s Trajectory

Anyone that has grown up around wrestling knows the lessons it teaches. Imagine growing up without those lessons. Help us provide life’s most valuable lessons; perseverance, goal orientation, dedication, discipline, by helping build out sustainability and better resourcing our programs.

What started in 1994 as a small movement in a hand full of schools has expanded to impact 272 afterschool sites and 7,300 kids across 9 cities. BTS programs have developed partnerships to bring mentor focused wrestling programs directly to kids in underserved communities.

The national movement is intended to make the growth of our programs better. To help our programs improve every aspect of their service; the way they mentor, how they manage, and where they use resources, and most importantly to make sure they are here for generations to come.

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Success Story: David

I am grateful for Beat the Streets. Through wrestling I have learned social skills, discipline, how to deal with stress, adapt to situations and other life values.

– Davit Abjandadze, BTSNY

Our History