It is that time of year again- as wrestling season draws closer, Beat the Streets National is kicking off our annual #Gear Up campaign! This year we are striving to raise $100k in order to gear up 2,000 Beat the Streets student athletes across the nation with new headgear, wrestling shoes and workout clothing. While the mission remains the same, this year we are calling on the community to help us spread the word with a friendly competition. Two weeks ago we launched our first annual “Battle of the Leaderboard,” in which teams go tweet to tweet to battle it out in an attempt to raise the most money, grow the largest team and have the most donations before December 1st. In all we have 31 Team Leaders who have joined forces with Beat the Streets National to raise awareness about the #GearUp campaign and help us reach our goal. We are still calling on the community to come alongside us and seek out more Team Leaders to ask friends, family and followers to donate and share our mission with the world. Team Leaders and their teams have the opportunity to earn Beat the Streets swag and bragging rights within the wrestling community. Anyone can join a current team or create their own by clicking here. Once you create a team you can set your goal and begin inviting friends and family to join forces and share your one of a kind link! The real fun takes place on social media where you can call out other teams and brag about your efforts too. This friendly competition is beginning to pick up traction in the wrestling media world with Teams already created for: Intermat, Wrestling Changed My Life, Penn Wrestling, Ursinus Wrestling, Drexel Wrestling, Jason Bryant, Mat Jerms Podcast, several wrestling wives, Rob Gore Media and many more! Get involved, join a team or create your own, donate or spread the word. With every donation we are sending a strong message to our youth that we as a community stand with them and believe in their capabilities on and off the mat.