Athletes within the Beat the Streets program received free athletic gear on behalf of BSN SPORTS to support them in staying engaged through sport.

In 2021, under new leadership, Beat the Streets National created and launched the Gear UP! Initiative. “At Beat the Streets, we strive to make sure that every young wrestler has what they need for success on the mat, in school, and in life,” said Ben Reiter, Executive Director of BTS National. The Gear Up! Initiative provides BTS student-athletes with the essentials they need to confidently step onto the mat and practice: Wrestling shoes, athletic shoes, socks, workout apparel, mouthguards, sports bras and more.

 With help from our partners, Gear2Compete, ASICS, BSN, Good Sports, The Good Fight Foundation, and Bras4Girls, Beat the Streets National can take a $50 donation and stretch it four times as far, to provide $200 worth of new gear to one BTS student-athlete!

 Each year since the start of the Gear Up Initiative, BTS National has aimed to raise nearly $100k  through crowdfunding efforts. As of January 1, 2024, with the help of the wrestling community, our BTS supporters, and sponsors, we have surpassed over $1 million in gear donations to date, providing more than 5,000 youth with new wrestling gear. We won’t stop there, there are still so many youths in need, who desire to wrestle and build a community within Beat the Streets.

 As Beat the Streets organizations continue to grow nationwide, serving 6,000 youth in 2021 and now serving 10,000+ youth in 2024, BTS National is determined to ensure each child has the tools they need to step onto the mat confidently. Youth in poverty are 6x more likely to quit sports due to associated costs; we never want that to be the case for our resilient student-athletes. “We will continue to share the Gear Up Initiative with anyone who will listen, in hopes they too realize the message their support sends to our youth,” explained Gina Perry, BTS National Director of Communications and Development, “Each donation reminds our youth the entire wrestling community believes in them and is standing in their corner! Every single dollar makes a lasting impact!”

 You can learn more and support the Gear Up Initiative today, or share it with a friend by clicking here.