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Boys wrestling action from the 2024 Beat the Streets National Duals (Photo by Deontrae Callaham)

BOSTON, Mass. – Beat the Streets-Chicago repeated as the boys national champion and Beat the Streets-Los Angeles claimed its first girls national title, as the third-annual Beat the Streets National Duals were held at the Boston University Track & Tennis Center on Thursday.

This was a highlight activity as part of the week of activities during the third annual Beat The Streets National Camp and Duals, which includes technique clinics, plus educational and cultural activities.

The BTS-Chicago boys won the national team title for the third straight year, during an exciting 38-27 victory over BTS-Cleveland.

The dual meet featured multiple lead changes, which featured tons of points scored and some very competitive battles and was entertaining from the opening whistle.

Chicago opened with two technical fall victories from Aedan Dillow (100) and Obadiah Willis (106). Cleveland rebounded with two technical falls of their own, secured by Derion Williams (113) and Josiah Sims (126).

Edgar Mosquera of Chicago scored the only pin of the finals, stopping Justin Elwell in 3:36 to give Chicago a five-point lead.

However, Cleveland rebounded with two high-scoring decisions. Devion Coffinbeat Josiah Willis, 20-9 at 132 pounds. Adom Sharpley then responded with another wild match, outscoring AJ Noyes, 19-16 at 138 pounds.

Chicago went on a four-match winning streak which opened up a lead it would never relinquish. The first two Chicago wins were crazy high-scoring bouts. Andres Santiago-Chaparro beat John Jones, 17-12 at 144. Sean Larkin of Chicago fell behind by eight points, ran off 14 straight points and won a 20-15 shootout against Caleb Greenwood.

Arkail Griffin of Chicago scored two points on the buzzer to win 9-8 at 157, then Nate Sanchez secured a quick 10-0 technical fall victory at 165 pounds.

The final four matches were split between the two teams, with Jonathan Sims(175) and Cameron Carter (190) getting wins for Cleveland, and Eric Haris (215) and Roy Phelps (285) closing out the meet with victories for Chicago.

Girls action from the 2024 Beat the Streets National Duals. (Photo by Deontrae Callaham)

The BTS– Los Angeles girls won its first national title, securing a 37-28 victory over BTS-New England, which had won the girls title the previous two years.

Los Angeles got off to a powerful start, winning six straight matches which included two pins, three technical falls and a forfeit. Pins were secured by Alyaah Bravo(95) and Lina Hernandez (120), both who finished their matches in less than a minute. The technical fall victories came in three straight bouts, from Destiny Huitron (110), Valeria Miranda (115) and Lina Hernandez (130).

Chloe Ross of New England scored a pin in 1:44 at 125 pounds to snap the Los Angeles streak. However, Mackenzie English of Los Angeles quickly countered with a 12-2 technical fall at 130 pounds.

New England got on an impressive run in the final matches of the dual meet, winning five of the six final matches. Their only loss was a forfeit at 145 pounds. Two of the New England wins were by pin, by Kryssceah Ravanelle (140) and Sofia Vraka (155). New England wrestlers with technical fall wins were by Rylee Donohue (135), Shalom Feliz (170) and Kayli Morris (190).

Joining Beat the Streets National with participants in this year’s event were BTS New England (Host), BTS NYC, BTS Philly, BTS LA, BTS Chicago, BTS Cleveland, BTS Baltimore, BTS D.C., BTS Lancaster, BTS Detroit, BTS Newark, Heart and Pride Wrestling Club (Austin).

The week concludes as Big Night Live will be presented by Beat the Steets New England on Friday, June 28 at 110 Causeway Street in Boston as part of the Beat the Streets New England Showcase.

A card of three big-time matches will be included in Big Night Live, featuring the following stars:

  • Spencer Woods (Army WCAP) vs. Benji Peak (Sunkist Kids)
  • Alex Braun (Minnesota) vs. Daniel Zepeda (California)
  • Amar Dhesi (Canada) vs. Ty Walz (USA)

Tickets for Big Night Live are still available

Beat the Streets continues to empower youth through mentoring, building community and the sport of wrestling. The 2024 BTS National Camp and Duals is a showcase of the positive work being done through Beat the Streets chapters on a daily basis throughout the nation.


At Boston, Mass., June 27

Boys Gold Pool (Places 1-4)

1 Beat The Streets Chicago

2 Beat the Streets Cleveland

3 Beat the Streets Philadelphia

4 Beat The Streets NYC

Boys Championship Finals – BTS-Chicago 38, BTS-Cleveland 27

100 – Aedan Dillow (BTS-Chicago) tech fall Ahmad Shabazz (BTS-Cleveland), 14-3

106 -Obadiah Willis (BTS-Chicago) tech fall Taquairi Reyes (BTS-Clevelend), 12-2

113 – Derion Williams (BTS-Cleveland) tech fall Colin Bosak (BTS-Chicago), 16-5

120 – Josiah Sims (BTS-Cleveland) tech fall Nolan Callahan (BTS-Chicago), 10-0

126 – Edgar Mosquera (BTS-Chicago) pin Justin Elwell (BTS-Cleveland), 3:36

132 – Devion Coffin (BTS-Cleveland) tech fall Josiah Willis (BTS-Chicago), 20-9

138 – Adom Sharpley (BTS-Cleveland) dec. AJ Noyes (BTS-Chicago), 19-16

144 – Andres Santiago Chaparro (BTS-Chicago) dec. John Jones (BTS-Cleveland), 17-12

150 – Sean Larkin (BTS-Chicago) dec. Caleb Greenwood (BTS-Cleveland), 20-15

157 – Arkail Griffin (BTS-Chicago) dec. Leon Harrison (BTS-Cleveland), 9-8

165 – Nate Sanchez (BTS-Chicago) dec. Quintez Pratt (BTS-Cleveland), 10-0

175 – Jonathan Sims (BTS-Cleveland) dec. Gabino Perez (BTS-Chicago), 13-10

190 – Cameron Carter (BTS-Cleveland) dec. Elija Villegas (BTS-Chicago), 18-9

215 – Eric Haris (BTS-Chicago) tech fall James Moore (BTS-Cleveland), 10-0

285 – Roy Phelps (BTS-Chicago) dec. Phil Malone (BTS-Cleveland), 12-6

Third Place – BTS Philadelphia dec. BTS-NYC, 44-22

Semifinal –BTS Chicago dec. BYS-NYC, 49-19

Semifinal – BTS-Cleveland 35, BTS-Philadelphia 33

Boys Silver Pool (Places 5-8)

5 Beat The Streets Los Angeles

6 Beat The Streets New England

7 Beat The Streets Baltimore

8 Beat The Streets Austin

Fifth Place –BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-NewEngland, 37-33

Seventh Place – BTS-Baltimore dec. BTS-Austin, 52-20

Semifinal – BTS New England dec. BTS-Baltimore, 39-27

Semifinal – BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-Austin, 41-27

Boys Bronze Pool

BTS-DC dec. BTS-Newark, 53-18

BTS-Detroit dec. BTS-Detroit, 40-26

Pool A

1 Beat The Streets Chicago

2 Beat the Streets Philadelphia

3 Beat The Streets Austin

4 Beat The Streets Detroit

BTS-Philadelphia dec. BTS-Detroit, 54-6

BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-Austin, 58-13

BTS-Austin dec. BTS-Detroit, 41-32

BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-Philadelphia, 37-32

BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-Detroit, 64-4

BTS-Philadelphia dec. BTS-Austin, 58-14

Pool B

1 Beat The Streets NYC

2 Beat The Streets Baltimore

3 Beat the Streets DC

4 Beat The Streets Lancaster

BTS-NYC dec. BTS-Baltimore, 39-28

BTS-DC dec. BTS-Lancaster, 46-26

BTS-NYC dec. BTS-DC 49-21

BTS-Baltimore dec. BTS-Lancaster 44-27

BTS-NYC dec. BTS-Lancaster, 43-25

BTS-Baltimore dec. BTS-DC, 43-25

Pool C

1 Beat the Streets Cleveland

2 Beat The Streets New England

3 Beat The Streets Los Angeles

4 Beat The Streets Newark

BTS-Cleveland dec. BTS-Newark, 63-8

BTS New England dec. BTS-Los Angeles, 38-32

BTS-Cleveland dec. BTS-New England 46-25

BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-Newark, 53-14

BTS-Cleveland dec. BTS Los Angeles, 45-19

BTS-New England dec. BTS-Newark, 65-6

Girls Gold Pool

Championship match – BTS-Los Angeles 37, BTS-New England 28

95 – Alyaah Bravo (BTS-Los Angeles) pin Aydin Alvarez (BTS-New England), 0:54

100 – Marisa Alvarez (BTS-Los Angeles) by forfeit

105 – Sky Ramos (BTS-Los Angeles) tech fall Jailyn Edmonds (BTS-New England), 10-0

110 – Destiny Huitron (BTS-Los Angeles) tech fall Zoey Thomas (BTS-New England), 10-0

115 – Valeria Miranda (BTS-Los Angeles) tech fall Brooklynn Webber (BTS-New England), 10-0

120 – Lina Hernandez (BTS-Los Angeles) pin Kaydn Hansen (BTS-New England), 0:26

125 – Chloe Ross (BTS-New England) pin Haely Lemus (BTS-Los Angeles), 1:44

130 – Mackenzie English (BTS-Los Angeles) tech fall Cecilia Verilli (BTS-New England), 12-2

135 – Rylee Donohue (BTS-New England) tech fall Priscilla Monson (BTS-Los Angeles), 16-3

140 – Kryssceah Ravanelle (BTS-New England) pin Sophia Fernandez (BTS-Los Angeles), 0:47

145 – Tiara Bibbens (BTS-Los Angeles) forfeit

155 – Sofia Vraka (BTS-New England) pin Bella Arredondo (BTS-Los Angeles), 4:37

170 – Shalom Feliz (BTS-New England) tech fall Jade Martinez (BTS-Los Angeles), 10-0

190 – Kayli Morris (BTS-New England) tech fall Sara Ayala Salcido (BTS-Los Angeles), 11-0

Girls Silver Pool for 3rd Place – BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-NYC, 46-26

Girls Bronze Pool for 5th Place – BTS-Pennsylvania dec. BTS-Baltimore, 43-24

Girls Copper Pool for 7th Place – BTS Cleveland dec. BTS-Austin, 48-11

Pool A

1 Beat The Streets New England

2 Beat The Streets NY

3 Beat The Streets Pennsylvania

4 Beat the Streets Cleveland

BTS-New England dec. BTS-Pennsylvania 44-21

BTS-Cleveland dec. BTS-NYC, 34-32

BTS-New England dec. BTS-Cleveland, 50-22

BTS NYC dec. BTS-Pennsylvania 42-32

BTS-New England dec. BTS-NYC, 37-34

BTS-Pennsylvania dec. BTS-Cleveland 38-29

Pool B

1 Beat The Streets Los Angeles

2 Beat The Streets Chicago

3 Beat The Streets Baltimore

4 Beat The Streets Austin

BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-Austin 55-17

BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-Baltimore, 66-5

BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-Chicago, 38-34

BTS-Baltimore dec. BTS-Austin, 35-34

BTS-Los Angeles dec. BTS-Baltimore, 57-10

BTS-Chicago dec. BTS-Austin, 64-7