Celebrate with the community that is growing the sport


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Gather and connect with friends.  Why a celebration? To learn about the quiet growth of wrestling that is happening in cities and raise money

Hosted at the Energy Innovation Center

Pittsburgh, PA

March 22nd, Friday 4pm-6pm

Let's gather to celebrate before we head to the championship semi-finals

  • 2 Hour ticketed Open Bar, including light food fare and hors d'oeuvres
  • Walk over with friends to and from PPG arena
  • Build new relationships; in wrestling, business and make connections that will change a life

There are 15 million school aged youth in the United States, with only 1.3% experiencing the sport. In 2018 6,200 youth were served in BTS Supported programs. We believe in the character that wrestling can develop and in 2018 our members hosted 208 teams. Giving kids access to wrestling directly where they live; in their schools and community centers. To change a child's life they need a positive mentor. We work hard to help our coaches be that mentor for the youth that step onto our mats.

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"At the NCAA's we were able to come together and access a community that will make our program last."


José Valenzuela, Boston Youth Wrestling

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