July 4, 2022

By Gina Perry

After a nationwide search for an Operations and Development Associate, Beat the Streets National is thrilled to announce Beat the Streets Philadelphia Alumni, Jon Guevara has joined our team.

Jon, a former Beat the Streets student-athlete, exemplifies the very essence and impact Beat the Streets can have on today’s youth. His first-hand experience with the organization’s sports-based youth development approach, education programs,

and core values provide an intimate knowledge and understanding of the importance in not only sustaining, but rather expanding our reach. Jon plans to, “implement a bold strategic growth plan with the goal of creating transformative opportunities for thousands of young people.” In doing so he will aid in creating some of the same opportunities he was able to take advantage of while participating in BTS Philadelphia.

Jon grew up submersed in the Philadelphia culture, attending public school in an underserved community. Through BTS, Jon was able to benefit tremendously from opportunities through the sport of wrestling and the organization’s tutor and mentoring center. As the first BTS Philly student-athlete to attend an Ivy league University, Jon is able to speak to the invaluable experiences the sport of wrestling has brought forth, as well as the endless possibilities offered through the Beat the Streets community and network. He notes, “Beat the Streets gave me the academic, and physical resources to do better in school and on the mat to get into University of Pennsylvania. Now, it is time to return full circle to create new and better opportunities for the young people that follow me.”