May 28, 2022

By Gina Perry

Beat the Streets National would like to congratulate Beat the Streets D.C. for their recognition as they gained national attention for bringing varsity wrestling back to public schools in the D.C. area after a 30 year hiatus.

Beat the Streets D.C. has partnered with D.C. Public Schools to bring wrestling programs back to eight schools across the district, with a plan to include two to three additional programs every year. Beat the Streets D.C. has agreed to provide each school with all of the necessary equipment for their program to succeed, including a mat, head gear, and uniforms. This financial undertaking allows the schools to focus on building a solid program, without having to worry about the financial strains an additional sport would bring to the annual school budget. In doing so, Beat the Streets D.C. is not only changing the lives of the youth specifically in D.C., but also growing the sport of wrestling in a tremendous way.

This effort is just the beginning of what will ignite a passion for the sport of wrestling; in turn building strong character traits within our youth and ultimately changing the trajectory of their lives. Thank you Beat the Streets D.C. for exemplifying the very importance of investing in our youth! BTSN is excited to stand behind you and support your effort to raise the $200,000 necessary to fund this project.